1,300 employees including a professional board of Directors and teams of long-experience techicans in plastic packaging and skilful workers.

Determining the investing strategy in human resources is crucial survival factor. Widening differences is the most solid path to quick and sustainable success. Since 2016, OIC Group has been implementing this strategy into specific projects and actions such as 3Ps functional standardized and payroll project by standardizing functions and duties of each department, assessing the corrective position to change employee mind, awareness, encouraging the positive motivation for employees according to new periodical requirements of Company.


With the success of standardizing the human resource management system, the company continues to develop a Code of Conduct & Employee Performance and Assessment System with results up to current time such as: Compiling the principles of governance, Core values, Setting business goals, compiling strategic diagrams, identifying essential management areas, Building a common capacity framework and describing the capable level. This project is expected to be completed and applied from July 2016. Accordingly, the organization, management and personnel arrangement will ensure the rationality, science, right people and right jobs, accurate measurement of employees’ capacity. and performance; the payment of salaries and bonuses will be fair and accurated with encouraging effectives.


The Company always facilizes for employees to study and improve their professional knowledge. Training is organized as soon as employees start the first working day to help new employees integrate quickly with culture, working environment, besides the Company regularly designates staffs to attend professional short-term and long-term training courses in both domestic and foreign. In 2015, the Company successfully organized more than 60 short-term and long-term training courses for 506 employees.


Besides, with the goal at least 15 masters in packaging technology until 2020, the company is associating with the Asian Institute of technology – AIT (Thailand) to organize Master training programs in packaging field. As a part of the plan to build and develop team competencies, to compile a dictionary system of ability, high discipline, set up a professional and responsible team in work, company and society.


Beside the sufficient and fairly salary regime, the company encouraged employees such as shift allowances, bonuses for Tet, bonuses for completing the plan. The company is always giving employees peace of mind, excitement of competition in production labor. The company regularly organizes periodic medical examinations, labor safety and hygiene training, checks the implementation of policies on wages, social insurance, health insurance, for officials and employees, increases the annual salary scale for employees in the company.


The Company has commendation and reward policy to deserve for individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements, who contribute initiatives on technical solutions with high business efficiency. At the same time, the company applies measures and regulations to punish violating officials who affect the Company’s image. In addition, the regime of visitation, hospitality, sickness for employees as well as relatives is always paid attention by the Company. A part from human resource management projects, the Company has also adjusted policies, working environment, built learning organization by establishing Clubs (Project Management, Young Leaders, Legal, Arts, Sports, Martial Arts …), sharing, training, improving knowledge, skills, developing physical and other skills for staff. The company also regularly conducts social activities, heighten the role of  Trade Union and Youth Union.